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Smugmug is the premiere place to host, share, and sell your photos and videos. Along with fantastic website services, the ability to completely customize your Smugmug Website with your own design is a huge selling point for most photographers. No longer are you stuck in some old, antiquated template in an equally old e-commerce system.

Joel Jenkins, the lead designer, has been designing and building websites for over 6 years and has extensive knowledge of current and past design trends. He was recently drafted to Dribbble, an online, invite-only playground for web designers to show off what they've been working on. Chances are, you'll see some of the latest designs Joel has been cooking up in Photoshop.

So what can you design for my Smugmug Website?

One awesome feature of Smugmug's customizing is the ability to have static, content driven pages that can include a feature photo or two (Or none at all!). In this way, Smugmug can literally be the only website you need and can customize that to your hearts content. However, if you'd also like to add a Blog to your Smugmug Website, I can customize one of those for you. I specialize in Wordpress Blogs, and can even handle hosting of that blog if you'd like.

Ready to Start?

Ready to get going on that custom design? Get ahold of us at and let's chat. If I have time, I'd be more than happy to mock up a quick design idea for your Smugmug Website at no charge.

Client Showcase
Framed by Light
Salt Lake City, UT

Framed by Light is run by Ryan Romeike, and focuses on Wedding, Family and Portrait photography. Ryans keen sense of humor always keeps his clients smiling. A full Custom Wordpress Theme and matching Smugmug Customization was completed in April 2011.

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