Smugmug Customization & Website Design

Welcome to by Joel Jenkins! I specialize in full-customization and website design of your Smugmug Power and Pro accounts. Don't let yourself get all tangled up over HTML and CSS, let me take care of your customizing for you. I've been designing and hand-coding websites for over 6 years and have extensive knowledge of the Smugmug Advanced Customizing tool.

Custom Website and Wordpress Theme Design

One of my specialities is matching photographers' Smugmug accounts with their currently existing Wordpress blog or website. It's such a nice feeling to have all your websites looking the same and your visitors having no idea they're bouncing around different servers. A great example of a website, Wordpress blog and Smugmug all working in tandem is Framed by Light Photography, I suggest you give it a look! (Don't forget to check out the custom blog design, and push the Supersize Me button). This kind of work will land you on the more expensive side of things, but it's very doable (and very rewarding!). So go ahead, let's take your website and business to a new level of professionalism—Hire me!

Smugmug Templates

One question I'm asked quite often is if I have any Smugmug Templates that you, the humble photographer, can easily apply to your Smugmug account. The answer is yes, but no. I've made one template that was a zip folder that included all the needed code snippets and instructions, but at this point a simple drag, drop, upload, install type Template system is not very easily accomplished with Smugmug. So, to make this answer endless, I am not at this time offering any Smugmug Templates. However, I've partnered up with the awesome creatives at FastLine Media, and they have several killer Smugmug Templates that you can choose from.

Client Showcase
Kah Poon
New York, NY

Kah Poon is a Fashion Photographer based out of New York. He interned with both Joyce Tenneson and Annie Leibovitz before working on his own. Clients include Polaroid, London Fog, Six Degrees and more.

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